Louis Farrakhan

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Louis Farrakhan, Lil' Louee to his friends, is a well-know party animal and rap mogul from Beloxie. His first hit, "Put the hap in happy, you ho'" was followed by the double-platinum smash "Million Man March Boogie." With a wild sense of style, Louee has redecorated some of his closest celeb friends' homes; coincidentally each of these homes later became a private casino. Edward Qiu

Losin' My Religion[edit]

Lil' Louee became an atheist when he found out Jews were G-d's Chosen People. His last weres to G-d were, "I ain't no Hebrew, bitchass."

Lovin' the Castro District[edit]

Never much of a hit with the ladies, Louee has retired to a home for the formerly famous in San Francisco. His applications to appear on the "Sureal Life" have been rejected 27 times, second only to Eminem.