Love Bites and Bruises

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“I admit, I caused the "inbred plastics" movement.”

~ Myspace Tom on LoveBites and Bruises

“Plastication for the nation.”

~ Wrigleys on LoveBites and Bruises

“Plastic Plastic everywhere, yet not a drop to drink.”

~ Oscar Wilde on LoveBites and Bruises
The Workers wait patiently for their Plastic Monopoly Money.

LoveBites and Bruises is a giant plastic factory located in a western country emu farm where scene kids are grown. It is the location of a large scale slave-laboured plastic jewellery growing field, well known for it's conformist attitudes towards the likes of Myspace and Livejournal.

Many of L&B's "Plastic cutting services" are not really there at all. For example, during cutting, scientists have revealed that widespread dislike of the scene kid population (which makes up 99% of it's customers) causes Earth to emit temporary anti-gravitational fields around the plastic, effectively repelling it away from the planet and causing it to change shape mysteriously.

The History of Plastic Shaping[edit]

Plastic Jewellery made by scene kids is a substance that was greatly valued in the ancient world. This was mainly down to superstition that scene children (also known as clickers), possessed a power of self worth superior to any other, causing repulsion when two of these so-called "clickers" came into contact.

It was believed, that anyone in possession of these magical amulets would be able to ward off evil spirits and and repulsion. The colours "black" and "Red" were also considered to possess this quality, and soon, large gatherings formed to celebrate the overcoming of "clicking repulsion" in what is now commonly known as "gigs."

Most jewellery in those days was a mixture of old undergarments, hairpieces and emo tears which was often eaten on festival days during the full moon. Modern technology and chemical science has created cheaper, more entertaining substitutes for all the above materials, rendering them all nearly worthless, and often used in trade for future Myspace layouts.

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