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Love Island is a British reality show (it was deemed too crap for the one channel of Fijian television) that puts famous people of the opposite sexes on an island and hopes for them to get it on. It is the second series of the reasonably successful 'Celebrity Dogging Island', but name changes came about since the word 'Celebrity' has been copyrighted by Paul Danan, and the dogging gave false impressions to audiences, as the frigidness of the z-listers meant that no beastality was likely to occur - mainly thanks to the short departure of Alicia Douvall. The second series first aired on July sometimeth.


The show often goes head-to-head with Big Brother for trashtime ratings, and the tactical battle between the two makes for compelling viewing for audiences. While Big Brother uses techniques such as banging up half of the housemates, Love Island has mainly used the introduction of foreign stars, who have finished their way through their countries' reality shows. Steve-O came in, and rocked the show, with his bad boy antics and extremeness. This lead to him getting kicked off the show after only one day. Hardcore! Then came Dennis Godman, a combination between Godzilla and Superman, with only one outcome. All the females, and Lee Otway were left comtemplating abortions. This was accomplished in only one day - and so he spent the other three days storing up his semen in coconut shells - just in case the future generations needed it to help fight off an alien invasion.


This series has caused concern for many parties. ITV are left staring at poor ratings, whilst those on the island, somewhere between celebrites and normities (scientifically regarded as 'broke but still too good to shit in public tolieties'), have shown some funny sides. The behaviour of model, Sophie Anderton, has left many bewildered, as she manages to clean her own ass, with her tongue. This extraordinary ability is due to being able to get her head up her own ass. Paul Danan's 'horny terrior' routine from the first series has also become stale, which is a no-no for reality shows.

The show is set to last throughout the summer, or until Richard and Judy save us (Richard and Judy are set to join the show on the 31st of July).