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Lucky is a disturbing little elf/leprechaun hybrid. He is always carrying around his Lucky Charms which apparently act as a highly concentrated pheremone, attracting children from a 6 mile radius. He is always having kids chase after them, so that he can trap them and eat his true favorite food, human flesh. He always uses his "magic" marshmallows to try to "get away" from the kids. This is all a ploy for them to walk into his lair to catch him. Another little known fact is that his magic marshmallows are actually a new form of street drugs. They are a highly addicting form of crack cocaine. He has been in drug rehab fifteen times but has has never stayed because he gets kicked out for human cannibalism.


Born in 1925, to Ailin Abernathy, a young Irishman/Leprechaun/Pedophile, and a very young Polish "woman" named Borga Gorski the Hutt. He was abandoned by his parents from birth, because his father was captured by poachers, and his mother was called off to the Galactic War near Naboo. He was adopted by Alois and Klara Hitler, raised to be a good little Aryan. In 1942, he received the opportunity to be pictured on a new cereal, F├╝hrer's Charms (Later Re-named Lucky Charms due to Lucky's great fame). He got along well with his brother, and even supported his cause with the controversial swastika marshmallow shape. He was sent to spy on the United States during the war, but he was stopped by racial profilers and was forced to live in secrecy within the Mexican borders. After WWII, Lucky began an elaborate scheme to destroy the United States economy with his Mexican friends. He proposed that they should flood the U.S. with cheap workers and force their workforce into poverty, where he would easily prey on their weakness with his low priced cereal.