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Luigi from "Hotel Mario".

Luigi is the younger brother of Mario, his sidekick, and one of the protagonists from a variety of Mario and non-Mario games, one of which being Hotel Mario, released on the Philips CD-I in 1994. The game has received negative feedback due to bad controls, gimmicky game mechanics and mediocre (and cheesy) cutscenes, which are often being parodied on Youtube.

Luigi, along with Mario, is very popular in the Youtube Poop Community. His most recognizable quotes are, "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!" or "And you gotta help us!".

Gay Luigi[edit]

In the intro cutscene in Hotel Mario, while entering the Mushroom Kingdom Mario says to his brother: "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Luigi?". People noticed that the "eh, Luigi?" part sounds like "Gay Luigi". This nickname has clung to poor Luigi and everybody makes fun of him to this day.


In Achille12345's videos, Luigi is short-tempered and hates when people call him "Gay". He sometimes argued with his brother in the past, but they are okay now. He loves Spaghetti so much that it became one of his skills he uses in RPG battles.

He has a fair amount of Health Points (due to eating lots of spaghetti, I guess), but is not as strong as Mario and most other significant characters. Compared to Mario, who specializes in dealing damage, Luigi tends to fill a Medic role, healing his

teammates and boosting their abilities. One of his recurring abilities is Gay Kiss, which revives the target and maxes out both the target's and Luigi's hit points. Another ability of his is the aforementioned Spaghetti, which can boost a target's attack power by a substantial amount.

If Luigi concentrates his powerful energy for a long period of time and it clashes with that of Mario, he'll use a highly lethal, but useful attack that can destroy a whole wide area, the Anti Bowser Beam.


“I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!”

“And you gotta help us!”

“Looks are deceiving, when Koopas are involved!”

“How are we gonna find the princess with the power going out?”

“You bring a light?”

“Well, maybe a Koopa will lend us his! If we 'persuade' him.”

“She's not coming down!”


“Over there!"”

“Look! Wendy's hotel!”

“That's that creepy Bowser's laugh!”

“...There's fire!”


“You're the best player ever!”


Main article: Weegee

Luigi has an evil spirit living in his body named Weegee. When he's counscious, he can partially control it and even use it to his advantage, but when he gets really angry, the spirit takes over his body instead. 

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