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Lundius Superbus

The Immortal Jesuit Emperor (left) and his best buddy, Lundius Superbus (right).

Publisher WJU Saga
First appearance 2001
Created by Churchill Society, Wheeling
Real name Lundius Superbus
Status Active
Affiliations Society of Jesus, League of Evil
Previous affiliations None
Notable aliases Father Paul Lundy, Genteel Tyrante
Notable relatives Unknown
Notable powers Master practitioner of the dark arts

Lundius Superbus, the "genteel tyrante" of Wheeling Jesuit University, was president of the school from 2001 to 2003, until Loki, the Norse god of Change Management called him to return to the Asgardian dimension, whereby he was succeeded by El Presidente. Lundius Superbus is best known for his "cash filtration" schemes as part of streamlining the WJU budget, as well as for being a heavy supporter of MBWA, or Management By Walking Around. He is currently mentoring under Loki and studying reality warping.

Early Life[edit]

Like most Jesuit priests, Lundius Superbus is an Immortal. The first hints of his existence date back to Roman times, where historical records uncovered from an archaeological dig in The Benedum Room state that he was discovered by the minor Roman god of tax accounting, Moronius, in 514 B.C. He was raised as Moronius' secretary and served the lesser deity for many hundreds of years, until Superbus becamse bored with his work and longed for a different life.

In about Year 0, Lundius Superbus heard about a man named Jesus. While Superbus was not concerned with His doctrine in any way, he wanted find out where from where He derived His powers. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived in Jerusalem, Superbus was disappointed to find that Jesus had been put to death just two weeks earlier. Fortunately, Superbus met a man named Ultimo, an early follower of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) a group of loyal followers of Immortal Jesuit Emperor Fed Acker Huang. Ultimo promised Superbus that he would be instructed in ways such that he would be able to possess "powers beyond his feeble imagination". Superbus agreed to be Ultimo's disciple, and trained under him for many years.

Religious Life[edit]

Transporting themselves to a secret Jesuit facility in Antarctica, Ultimo instructed Lundius Superbus in the the Dark Magicks and in the ways of the Tyrannical Bureaucrat. Superbus so excelled at both of these fields that a worried Ultimo feared that Superbus might become the most powerful of the Immortal Jesuits. It was at this time that Superbus made a pact with Loki, the Norse god of mischief, to protect him from harm. Loki agreed, on the grounds that Superbus would be his eternal servant and no longer subject to the whims of Fed Acker Huang. Superbus agreed (The Jesuit Wars, #14).

In 142 A.D., Ultimo made an attempt on Lundius Superbus life by trying to stab him in his sleep. Superbus' Dark Magicks forewarned him of the attack, and they battled over the frozen wastelands. In the end, Superbus triumphed, and punished Ultimo by freezing him in the core of the continent (The Jesuit Wars, #16). He then commanded his army of mutated penguins to feast on his flesh.


The Immortal Jesuit Emperor, sensing this disturbance amongst his ranks, summoned Lundius Superbus to him, and pronounced him "the greatest of all his followers". Fed Acker Huang promised Superbus a share of the leadership of Wheeling College, allowing Superbus control over faculty employment and budget. Lundius Superbus made the most of his position, "reorganising the budget" for "purposes of efficiency" and arbitrarily hiring and firing faculty at will (the details of which are chronicled in the earliest editions of Moore's Booke of Academic Martyrs).

When the Dschinghis Khan protectorate swept through West Virginia in the 1300s, Lundius Superbus was quick to flee the country and departed for the Asgardian dimension as soon as things got hairy. He returned to mainstream time in 1647, where he was heralded by the Society of Jesus, but found himself in competition with another of Fed Acker Huang's favourites, Father Raculad. Although Lundius Superbus found this situation most distasteful, he feared retribution from Jesuit Emperor if he were to act against the Society's wishes. In 1975, he applied for the post of president of WJU was voted 21-18 against by the WJU Board of Governors in favour of Father Raculad. He then disguised himself as a fry cook on Wheeling Island's Burger King and lay low until Father Raculad was turned into ashes by the cosmic entity Ba'al.

Fed Acker Huang returned from exile in 1983, and Lundius Superbus quickly fashioned himself as his right-hand man until Fed Acker Huang's assassination in 2001. Huang had declared Lundius Superbus to be his successor many years ago, and Superbus ascended to the presidency in that year, dissolving the interim student run coalition known as the Council of About Twenty Dudes and Two Hot Chicks.

In 2003, Lundius Superbus was forced to abdicate due to "ridiculous allegations" that he was "stealing golds from the university's super-secret treasury" and using university money to fund absurd projects, such as "All-You-Can-Eat Caviar" every Friday. In order to stop rumours about dipping students in molten silver and selling them to art museums, Lundius Superbus initiated a "peaceful transition" to El Presidente, effectively bypassing elections and granting power to yet another of the Immortal Jesuit Emperor's cronies.


Lundius Superbus is best known for his cleanup of the financial department at Wheeling Jesuit University and for his main construction projects: the Lundy Place of Gathering and Lundy Hall. While neither facilities are particularly well-utilised, they are nice monuments to the ex-president anyway. Despite claims that Lundius Superbus had a secret "Cool Car For People I Like" fund, none can deny that since the university now has no more money, there is much less paperwork to do.


Lundius Superbus is the master of Dark Magick, and can harness Dark Energy and hurl it at opponents in waves, concussive blasts, or in enveloping black fog. He is able to convert his physical form into pure Dark Energy and pass through space, as well as attack as pure energy. His is also trans-dimensional, like all Jesuits.

Preceded by:
Fed Acker Huang
President of WJU
2001 - 2003
Succeeded by:
El Presidente