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Lunix, which was formerly known as Lunatics, is an operating system donated @ a Soviet hacker, who is known by the name of Linyos Torovoltos (Линёс Тороволтос). It was developed before the Russians lost the Cold War. They planned to use it as a secret weapon to defeat the Jedi. Sadly for them, the president of the Soviet Union, Sauron the Great, lost his mind when he was introduced to the notorious hacker tool, which was later known as Emacs.

That was the Russians' version who are well known thiefs, dictators, rapers etc when drunk. Actually, Lunix was created for the mankind as a form to encapsulate the datagrams of the Agiofws's power that as a whole create an atomic bomb. That was right before the Soviet hacker cooperated with God in order to w00t Lunix (Agiofws felt they needed a little fame and let them steal the name - as with feta cheese (tm) that the hax0r claimed to be his pattern.

Now, Lunix is considered illegal all over the world, except in the Shire. It is generally used by Nerds, Dwarves, Geeks, fans of the band Rush and other primitive life forms, known widely for their incompatibility with women. They use it mainly to break into other people's computers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and macintoshes.

It was also used by the Wookiees during their war with Egypt. Unfortunately, none of them knew Chinese, which is the language in which Lunix was written, which they were regrettably unable to modify. They ended up successfully killing themselves.

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Quotes about Lunix[edit]

"Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Lunix" ~ Oscar Wilde

"By golly, I'm beginning to think Lunix really *is* the best thing since a sacrificed goat." ~ Darth Vader

"Lunix is addictive, I'm hooked!" ~ Bill Gates

"Lunix si truly the superor operating syteeem!"-the leet Jeff K.

"Lunix gives you just enough rope to hang yourself -- and then a couple of more feet, just to be sure." ~ Varg Vikernes

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