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“Where we at? New York , New York Ci-ty!”

~ Alicia Keys on Lyrics

“Lyrics are for teenage girls, brah.”

~ Eric Anthony on Lyrics
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Lyrics is a way of expressing one's feelings through music. This is often used by musicians, emos and choirs. The lyrics theme depends on the genre of music.

Metal lyrics[edit]

Metal lyrics mostly contains death, hate, presidents, death, drugs, world problems, death and God/Satan.

Pop lyrics[edit]

Scientists still tries to find sense in pop lyrics.

Disco lyrics[edit]

Anything random. Mostly about dancing and rapists.

Emo lyrics[edit]

Hate, depression, knives and emos. One exception is the girl Bill and her crew. They like to sing about reaching the moon.

Rap/Hip Hop lyrics[edit]

Uninteresting and unintelligent stories about ugly cars, naughty bitches, and themselves. One exception is Eminem, who likes to sing about his mother and closets.

Choir lyrics[edit]

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! No, this is not a pornstars bed, it is an average choir. Though, some choirs prefer to sing about god and happy days, most choirs play angels sounding as barbarians.

Santa's cock is warm and ready,
He's come along to rape your teddy,
Don't move or Santa may get confused,
You'll end up worst than teddy,
With Santa's semen in your belly.

What's hate got to do, got to do with it?
Who needs a Jew
When a Jew can be annoying
It may seem to you
That I`m acting insensitive
When you`re next to me
If I tend to look furious
It's cause I'm delerious
I`ve got cause to be
There`s a name for it
There`s a phrase that fits
But whatever the reason
You'll never get it. Lard.

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