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Mkzrj is a random assortment of letters similar to asdf. It is produced on a standard keyboard by having a form of fit over the keys like so: gkwasdqlmkzrj . Note the last five letters, and you will see the origin of the phrase.


Some people have been named after this frequent typo, and they are known as the unfortunate few. Governmental cutbacks in the marriage industry have also led to monkeys being used as typists for the 'registrar' of married couples, and brides have had their surname changed to asdf, mkzrj or other amusing but nonsensical formations of letters. Here are a few examples of characters who have befallen this amusingly tragic mishap:

  • Mrs. Asdf Mkzrj
  • George WASD Bush (often shortened to George W Bush)
  • mkzrjamsolaiko (Known as bob)
  • The band mkzrj. When a Sony Records typing chimp accidentally caused a typo in their bandname, they decided to dedicate their music to raising funds and awareness about this affliction.
  • Google, formerly known as mkzrj. An unknown incident occured on the first day of google being online and the logo image read mkzrj. It was quickly changed, but no one got a screenshot since computers weren't invented then.

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