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The MS-TRES 1.0 Desktop
The MS-TRES 2.0 Desktop

MS-TRES, the successor to the MS-DOS operating system, was the third fundamental operating system programmed by Microsoft. It's main objective was to expand the limited user capabilities of MS-DOS.

On October 20, 1990, Microsoft announced its release of MS-TRES. The accompanying screenshot is shown to the right.

By analyzing the screenshot, it is easy to see that the GUI is simplistic and somewhat reminiscent of MS-UNO. The top portion of the screen contains a text box where commands are entered much in the style of MS-DOS. Here, the "bad command or file name" message has been replaced by an artificially intelligent IntelliBuddy™, who reacts to commands naturally and gives compassion to users without lives.

The desktop below the command box was mostly reminiscent of MS-UNO's GUI, as it included icons as links to folders. The improvement here is that MS-TRES has capabilities of direct internet access and and links to advanced executable programs. Icons on the desktop link to security centers and porn, but access to these icons is at the computer's discretion. For example, if you've used the porn icon more than three times a day, the icon will be blanked out. Instead, another icon will appear, with a link to

On the left of the bottom portion of the screen, one can see a "technical box" which contains statistics and info about the way the computer is currently running. A box at the bottom of this section can be somehow used to teleport into The Matrix.

In general, MS-TRES was an excellent combination of the interfaces of successors MS-UNO and MS-DOS, allowing the user to communicate with the computer both visually and with text commands.


  • A super-high-tech GUI
  • Speedy multitasking
  • Versions for almost all processors
  • The ability to remove Internet Explorer
  • Top-notch security
  • An IDE-a for Electromagnetic Radiation_ALL programming
  • FOX-TV tuning

... and many more "original" features that Microsoft copied over from Linux and Mac OS X.

Other confirmed functions of MS-TRES are the ability to:

  • Order pizza
  • Send anonymous email routed through Switzerland
  • Download "Deja Vu.exe"
  • Multitask at the speed of light
  • Remove Internet Explorer
  • Create viruses with the push of a button
  • Fire Steve Jobs virtually with the push of a button
  • Enter the Matrix
  • Delete the trash bin (warning: if the bin trashes itself the PC will implode (logical error))

Newer Revisions[edit]

The latest revision, MS-TRES 2.0 (August 16, 1995), added:

  • 16-bit graphics
  • The ability to pwn haxxorr
  • New color scheme
  • MS-DOS/MS-UNO double boot emulator
  • Capabilities of running a single Macintosh widget

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