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MS Pant in action

MS Pant is a bloody clothes creating and editing program, first released in 1345 by Thomas the Tank Engine. Its main purpose, among many other crap purposes, is to create clothes and print them out from a home printer. This program's popularity was very short lived since all the garments produced either dissolved in the rain or tore very badly while putting them on. Of course it was bloody cheaper than actually buying real clothes, especially since at that time there was a major thread shortage in Lancaster but of course spead with the wind to other neighbouring neighbouritious neighbourhoods like Hoodini and the main housing district in Basra.

Uses Through the Ages[edit]

During the Middle Ages MS Pant was thought to be involved in rituals of Witchcraft and was burnt at the stake. The End. Later, around 1530, Bob revived MS Pant and added to the menu a plethora of garments of the Lord. The most important of which were, consequently, socks.

In the War of Hankies pages of the programming code for MS Pant were accidentally printed out, and since no other use could be found, there were used instead of or to accompany toilet paper, sandbags, Any Key, carrots and possums. Sadly, because of a crazy, blue, hairy, inbred monkey outbreak (with multiple grapefruits up each ear), that had a tendency to press the Del button on keyboards, every single copy of MS Pant was lost for another century, throwing civilization back millions of nanoseconds. Also somehow three extra colours were added and a pair of badly sewn Y-Fronts.

Many cosmologists claim that the birth of MS Pant was the cause of numerous natural disasters in Essex.

MS Pants[edit]

Heavy Combat Pants made exclusively with the use of MS Pant!!

Pants are the expertise of this program. When using MS Pant, though it is important to make sure not to mess up and create some dorky clothes, it is of utmost important to create pants first. If you do not create pants with MS pant then you are forcefully dispelling the space time continuium. Then a large eagle named Baris will come and eat your father's urine. When it dies, it is then hung on the cross by the people of shebrews waiting for it to rise from the dead. Apparrently, it doesn't as the stupid folklore doesn't exist for a bird like Baris. It only applies to men who have long beard, eats his supper in front of a portrait painter, and living in a luxury place where he keeps everyone envious.

MS Paint[edit]

Do NOT ever ever ever confuse MS Pant with MS Paint ever ever.

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