Ma On Shan (town)

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“We have members in Ma On Shan.”

~ Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons on Ma On Shan
The MOS plaza
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Ma On Shan is a super small town in Hong Kong or King Kong. It's a weird place with weird people.

Weird teenagers in Ma On Shan[edit]

  1. They like riding bicycles. They will ask their friends out just to ride bicycles together.
  2. They don't go to sleep until midnight.
  3. Boys in Ma On Shan love waking people up at night by playing basketball.
  4. They like dancing in the rain.
  5. They like eating McDonald's

Weird adults in Ma On Shan[edit]

  1. They think hitting children is good for them.
  2. They like eating chicken.
  3. They like hiring servants .
  4. They believe that killing themselves can solve problems.
Mormon church in MOS

Churchs in Ma Oh Shan[edit]

The Jehovah's Witnesses They always disturb people by knocking on their door. But somehow people in MOS seem to like them. " They look nice. " said one of those innocent MOS girl.

The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints Their invasion in Ma On Shan make those JWs very unhappy. " We do not welcome them." said JWs." Then why don't you leave ? " said Mormons.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong Not many people know where it is.

Order of Friars Minor Super old Church

Ways to go to MOS[edit]

  1. walk
  2. ship, not boat
  3. fly
  4. crawl