Ma Ying-jeou

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“Ma Ying-jeou saves little children”

~ Oscar Wilde on Ma Ying-jeou

“It's a bird... It's a plane... It's SUPERMA!”

~ Chaucer on Ma Ying-jeou

“Ma Ma, Ma Ma Mia!”

~ that Italian guy on Ma Ying-jeou

“Ah Jeou--he's like, the new Ah Bian, only ÜBER!”

~ Chen Shui-bian on Ma Ying-jeou
Comrade Ma Yingjiu
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Rank: Numero Uno
Predecessor: Yellow Emperor
Successor: Jay Chou
Date of Birth: December 25, 0
Place of Birth: Yellow River
Spouse: Diao Chan
Political Party: Taiwanese Communist Party

Comrade Chairman Ma Yingjiu is the mayor of Washington, D.C., the Chairman of the Taiwanese Communist Party (Mainland China branch), and the future President of the Republic of Taiwan on China.

According to studies published by Xinhua, Comrade Chairman Ma Yingjiu is the only last hope to liberate Mainland China from Chinese rule, formally establish the Republic of Taiwan on China on the Chinese Mainland, and declare its independence from the Republic of China on Taiwan (commonly known as China).

Random facts[edit]

  • Ma Ying-jeou's real name is actually Ma Yingjiu. But he is under the disguise of Ma Ying-jeou, so others would not recognize his real identity. Ma Yingjiu is in reality a legal alien from outer space, originally from a planet called "China." This is what many of his political opponents say to insult his alien heritage.
  • Ma Ying-jeou is the younger brother of Jesus. He is also a brother of Hong Xiuquan, also a brother of Jesus. It was Hong Xiuquan who started the Taiping Rebellion, the first stage of the Communist Revolution. Ma Ying-jeou is the chosen one destined to complete the Revolution.

Quotations from Chairman Ma (馬主席語錄) a.k.a. "The Little Blue Book"[edit]

“We don't need to reunify with China. We ARE China. The only reunification we need is to have the rest of the world reunify with us!”

~ Ma Ying-jeou on On Reunification

“Liberate Taiwan from Bandit Chen!”

~ Ma Ying-jeou on On Taiwan Liberation
Preceded by:
Yellow Emperor
President of China
Succeeded by:
Jay Chou

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