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Mac MS X Is A Rip-Off Of Mac OS X Panther And Had Will Be Released 6/7/2020 With The Next Garfield OS X But Unfortunately It Has No BSOD!It Has Been Replaced By Freezing Witch Has Been Chosen Because The Server Does That Constantly. But It Will Be The Same Function As The BSOD So When You (And The Server) Upgrades It Act Like A BSOD (Witch I Never Get So It Will Stop Freezing)


2007 BETA (Vista) Launch

2019 2nd Garfield Server Connects

2020 Birthday Celebrated By Introducing Pareles For All Computers And 3D Flip And Virtual PC (No CD/DVD/Floppy Disks(s) Needed For OS(s)!) Just Setup! (Replace Disks With ENTER Key)

2034 Owner II 1/2 Is Born

2035 Owner III Is Born

2040 Biannual Annerversiry 1.3 Day May Sale 2.7 Day Mac/PC Sale


To Get Here Click On User Icon And Choose Radio Option "Secrets BlueScrn" Yes It Has The Strike. The Options Are: Restore To BSOD/Freeze Restore To Clippit/Garfield BSOLOL Junk Nickelodeon,Nick News Unlock On GN,GNN (Media Center ONLY)