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Orlando Jones gets in a fury with Phil Lamarr in a 1995 episode of MadTV

Dubbed as "The Angriest Hour on Television", MadTV was a show created in 1995 that featured a cast of people that scream non-stop for an entire hour. The show is critisized for being The Saturday Night Live rival due to it being in the same time slot, but is nothing like SNL. This is because "Friday Afternoon Taped" is the real rival, with such characters and skits as "The Soul Sisters","The Squareheads","The Local News", and some fat guy running around.

World Records[edit]

In 2001, Will Sasso was entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for Most Times Screamed on Television, beating out MadTV alumni Phil Lamarr and former SNL star Chris Farley

In 2005, the shows broke the record for most racial stereotypes in one hour of television broadcasting.

In 2008, the show quitely died because viewers were too busy watching Saturday Night Live and didn't cate about real comedy crap.

The Careers of MadTV stars[edit]

Because no one watched they show in leading up to 2008, the MadTV stars were forced to work in the softcore porn industry. Thats where most of theyre jokes would get through.

After a star leaves MadTV theyre put through a dangerous obsticle course to make it out with theyre lives. Involving competing in a UFC bout, running through Iraq with an American Flag T-shirt, Trying not to get sniped, and the entire American Gladitors obsticles.