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Made in China is the motto of the People's Republic of China. The term "Made in China" was invented by a fat Chinese guy named Mao Zedong, who was also made in China.

Usage and Meaning[edit]

The term "Made in China" (aka "Manufactured in China" or "Assembled in China") can be found in many products we use today, such as bras, condoms, and Chinese people. Products that are made in China are almost always garbage and worthless, but for some reason, the companies in North America decide to sell "Made in China" products at a very expensive price. "Made in China" products in fact are worth no more than a piece of shit. Many people believe that "Made in China" products are actually made of shit, but the Chinese fat guy named Mao Zedong says that it's not true.

People all over North America are encouraged not to buy "Made in China" products because of its low quality and worthlessness, as well as the products being made by Chinese children and slaves.

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