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The People's Republic of Madison (Mad-Ch-e-s-Cw-town) Madison is an ancient city founded during the War of 1812 by the mermaid from Splash. Madison was a proponent of the Vietnam War and the mobilisation of naval sea men.


Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, was named by James "Stinky" Doty, the Mad Son of Alphonse Doty, who was driven insane after school yard bullies pounded horse shoe nails into his brains.

Catherial Planes[edit]

In the documentry dogma (directed by God) they show that the town of Lake Mills is the escape way from the layers of hell onto earth. Because only reserchers live in this city it is belived the fabiled Lakeside Lutheren is the mouth piece for the devil. Across the street was the other "high school" establishment deemed Lake Mills High School. This is thought to be here the angles were staked out to fight, but they were over powered and completly out numbered by the adequately named Lakesiders.

Anarchy Day[edit]

Madison is know for Nation Anaracy Day; thats celebrated on the second most famed street in all of America. That street is State Street, adjacent to the fabled capital. It has been subject to lots of talk in many magazines that tackle human affairs like SI. On national Anarchy Day many of the "college students" take to the street and tear down the shops. The shop keepers welcome this behavior because it gives them a chance to change the look of their stores while Mega Big Box Mart cleans up what they are remodling for.


Madison is known for a wide varied of exports, most commonly the doctor and Syphilis. Madison is well renowned for its factory known as UW Madison to produce some of the greatest doctors in the world. The factory is also known for the excessive amount of liquor that goes into it. It seems that the fuel more the machines is a natural resource dubiously named Milwaukee's Best. Madison is also known for its battires, footware, urinal cakes, snow, and carpet.

Night Life[edit]

The Night Life in Madison is very diverse. It entails beautiful scenery along with the smell of vomit in the evening air. Anything is possible on any given night. Costumes feature heavily into Madison's night life at least once a year (although many proud citizens would tell you it doesn't have to be so rare).

Non Existence of Halloween[edit]

Strangely enough, due to a history of being haunted by ghosts during the 1960s, the city of Madison does not acknowledge the day of Halloween. All calenders produced in the city include only 30 days in the Month of October, and none of the city business recognize Halloween in their autumn sales. On the day that would be considered October 31, citizens of Madison try their best to ignore the day, and often do so by drinking heavy amounts of alcohol and dressing in strange costumes in order to convince themselves that they are not in fact present in the city. though, Giles Klaver wishes he could rub his nose all over Madi's ass, 'cause he's that much of a brown noser!