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The Magnavox Odyssey was the first video game console ever released to the public, predating Atari Pong by 2 years, the Atari 2600 by 5 years, and the dawn of man by 11 years. Contrary to popular belief, it was the first console to feature a Pong-type game, although with its 1-bit graphics it could only display one color at a time. Because of this, by the time Atari released their Pong console people were instantly drawn to its revolutionary 2-color graphics, leaving the Odyssey in the dust and Magnavox with nothing to do besides try and sue Atari for bettering their game.

The very first Odyssey console. Note the streamlined design, without any switches, buttons, plugs, slots or games.

The Odyssey consoles[edit]

However, there was not just one Magnavox Odyssey. On the contrary, Magnavox released a whole long line of Odyssey consoles, all of which were remarkably similar to their predecessors and often worse. Below is a list of those consoles.

Odyssey -1[edit]

Its a brick. Just a brick.


The very first Magnavox console. It had a whopping 3 games (Pong, Visible Pong and Functional Pong) but none of them could be played as the controller had not been invented.

Odyssey 100[edit]

Magnavox had finally perfected the controller, allowing people for the first time to play the monochrome games the Odyssey came with. Magnavox gave the Odyssey 100 wireless controllers, not because they had wireless technology, but because they didn't have wire technology.

Odyssey 200[edit]

Like the 100, but with 200 in its name.

Odyssey 300[edit]

This one introduced a wonderful innovation to playing Pong on the Odyssey: now the score would be kept onscreen, instead of making the player use plastic sliders on the outside of the console.

Yeah, you think that's a joke, don't you? No, I shit you not. There actually were Odyssey consoles with plastic sliders.

Odyssey 400[edit]

Added a new game: SUPER PONG! Like Pong, but with glitches. Also made console most horrendous shade of orange imaginable.

Odyssey 500[edit]

Magnavox kinda fucked up, and accidentally made this one with better features than previous consoles. They vowed not to make that mistake again.

A graphical rendition of The Odyssey, an epic poem by Homer which has nothing to do with the Magnavox console.

Odyssey 1000[edit]

Added separate controllers! But forgot to put buttons on them. Shit.

Odyssey 2000[edit]

Remembered buttons on controllers this time. Too bad they forgot the power cable.

Odyssey 2001[edit]

Will refuse to open the pod bay doors.

Odyssey 360[edit]

Magnavox, having run out of ideas after their first day in business, built the Odyssey 360, which is basically the Odyssey but with a strawberry fragrance.

Odyssey Vista[edit]

You thought Pong was too simple a game to possibly have fatal bugs? You are wrong, my friend.

Odyssey 10000[edit]

The most recent Odyssey console, released in 2008. It introduced the unique innovation of adding nothing new whatsoever.

Games on the Odyssey consoles[edit]

  • nothing but a black screen and two paddles. oh and alot of rice krispeys


The Odyssey was released in a very early stage of the gaming industry's life, when stealing ideas from other companies was perfectly okay. Since Magnavox was the first company in, they had nobody to steal from, but Atari could sure as hell steal from them. But because Atari actually was capable of coming up with more than one good idea, they were able to dominate the gaming industry while Magnavox was stuck trying to figure out how to make Pong stay popular through the late 70s and early 80s, despite the fact that newer, funner ideas were coming to the fore and Magnavox had no fucking clue how to improve anything anyway. Today we remember the Odyssey as...well, we don't, really.

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