Treaty of Main Street

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Coat of arms of the Mickey Mouse League.

The Treaty of Main Street was a set of agreements enacted by the members of the Mickey Mouse League on February 7, 1987. The signing of this treaty marked the emergence of the Mickey Mouse League as a major geopolitical player. The provisions of the treaty called for tighter political and economic integration among the member states of the league. The policy-setting Governing Council was given expanded powers, including the power to declare war. The military base on Castaway Cay was transferred from Disneyland to the league as a result of the treaty. In addition, the treaty contained a provision for a popularly-elected League Assembly. Economic provisions in the treaty created a common currency, the Disney Dollar. (It should be noted that the states within the France circle have opted to stay outside the Disney Dollar zone.) The consequences of this tighter political and economic integration have yet to play out, but with league states located in North America, Europe, and Asia, it is certain the Mickey Mouse Club will yield ever increasing international clout in years to come.