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Tamia drinks too much Gin and Tonic to ever catch this”

What a terrible mistake that was.

Malaria is a very infectious disease created by the EU as a way to prevent Europeans from moving to Africa and getting rich. Implanted into mosquitoes, they hoped that it would be enough deterrent to keep travellers in. The whole plan backfired however, when the disease started killing people.


Malaria was first deemed necessary in 1880, just before the Gold Rush of America. Fortune seekers of Europe decided to give Africa a try as it was closer and in alphabetical order just because Europeans want to do things right, which is a change from normal isn't it. A French army doctor named Charles Louis Alphonse could see that people were migrating from Europe to go check out Africa; but seeing the inevitable downfall of continent due to something called Famine, he wanted to save his fellow countrymen.

Creating the disease in a test tube he originally tried to insert it into a frog, but with a severe lack of water in Africa at the time, Alphonse had to settle for a mosquito.


Malaria was created to be a disease carried by an animal as a threat to potential people going to live in Africa. But, as the continent of Europe think that they are better than everyone else they decided that they could face the disease.

Alphonse had to act quickly and in doing so was careless. He released 100,000 Anopheles specimen into the wild, this caused huge difficulties for Africa.

The Disease[edit]

The disease itself causes the victim to...

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