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Malays is a race mainly found in south east asia region Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Cambodia or nusantara region.

They are believed to have the highest spiritual IQ in this world. They are extremely humble and have strong bond with their families.

They enslave themselves by praying 5 times a day to one almighty god Allah and Islam is their religion

Origin Controversy[edit]

The origin of malay comes from the prophet ibrahim or in judaism and crhistians believes abraham. Through islamic believes Prophet Abraham has prayed to Allah that his descendant were among those who stood and submit to Allah. Prophet Abraham married Keturah after the death of Sarah through the request of Prophet Ishak or Isaac. Keturah is Isaac foster mother who is from old champa a mala tribe that control the east region.

To support this finding there is a praying sentence in Islamic prayers that praise the Prophet Abraham before ending the prayers. Recent studies malay dna match those from the jews. It is so unlogical that the most highly muslim populated is from the south east region which is nusantara region. Where the history of islamic empire starts from the Arabs region. Here are the malays that stood firm in his believe that Allah is the only one god in the universe and this support Prophet Abraham prays that his descendant were among that submit to Allah. Some says the malays are the lost tribe from the 12 tribe of jew.


Most malay believe in one almighty god Allan, Angels, Prophets, Zabur holy book for Prophet Daud or David, Taurat or Torah holy book for Prophet Musa or Mosses, Injil or Bible holy book for Isa or Jesus, Quran holy book for the worst terrorist on earth Mu-HAM-mad, qada' and qadar or human fate is determined by Allan and the after life where all human being will be judge by Allan and place them wether in heaven or hell.

Through this belief most of malay believes this life is temporary and the wealth in this world means nothing. In terms of economics they will only take what is necessary and not overwhelming and practice moderation in every aspect of their life.

This moderation practice always being seen as negative habits from other race's as they did not understand that malays dont seek wealth for this world. Malays understood well enough that money is not everything in this world and it means nothing to them.

Spending Habit[edit]

Mecca is the ultimate objective of their life, once they accumulate enough money, they will go to Mecca to complete their fifth Islamic pillars in Islam which is hajj.


Brahmin and Hinduism know as their first religion for the malays. Some of them seek amnestic power from the devils and jins that resides on mountains, jungles and caves to protect themselves from wild animals and enemies. They even use these power to inflict pain and suffering towards others just to prove themselves not to be mess around. Brahmin and Hinduism teaching can be seen by the relics and temple scatter throughout nusantara region. The most known temple is candi borobudur in Indonesia.

Due to their believes in brahmin teaching that there is one God, The islamic teaching is closely related and similar to the malay lifestyle thus Islam is easily accepted by them as Allah as their one true god and brahmin might be prophet Abraham. The malay believe that Islam is the completion of brahmin religious and believes teaching from thousand of years differences and Prophet Muhammad is the last apostle on earth. Quran is word of god and being told by Prophet Muhammad towards humanity.


Malay man who seek their history in term of world view denying the history written by the colonizers

6th Jamadil Akhir 1439

22nd February 2018 4.02 AM