Malcolm In the Middle

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Malcolm In The Middle is an old show in early new millenium and it features Frankie Muniz, Tyler James Williams, a boring actor, your mom, Greg from Everybody Hates Chris, and Justin Timberlake. The series is about an einstein IQ boy who ends up in a Krelboyne class and becomes the heads of a family business. It also has many guest stars including Jackie Chan to kick Reese's ass.


Malcolm is a smart IQ boy who suffers alot at the hands of his angry mom and angry chillin dad, who have to much sex ,little Dewey, and stupid brother Reese. He graduates high school and goes to Harvard Unversity to become president. In one episode, Barrack Obama guests stars as the president for real and Malcolm meets him. Malcolm plans to run for mayor in his town. Reese is a school janitor who gets 19 million dollars in a lotto win. Dewey plans to become a lawyer and instead Dewey becomes an entrepreneur of HZ Corps. Lois dies by heart attack for yelling alot and Hal dies too by stroke and diabetes. Stevie gets robot legs to walk again and Abe dies by heart attack for too much butter and having a prostitute wife. At the end, Malcolm becomes governor of California and president of the United States.


  • Frankie Muniz: As Malcolm Buttfucker
  • Reese: As himself
  • Your Mom: Angry Lois
  • Your Notorious P.I.G.: Hal
  • Tyler James Williams: As Stevie the wheelchair boy
  • Alanis Morissette: Cynthia the whore
  • Walt Disney: As his zombie self
  • Justin Timberlake: As Francis the delinquent military school boy turned criminal.

Many Hal's friends are all black and many guest stars like: Jamie Foxx, Jackie Chan, some fat kid from 2 and a half men and more.

This is just stupid........