Maltese-Vatican Conflict

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Template:NowikipediaThe Maltese-Vatican Conflict was a war between Malta and the Vatican. Major warfare lasted from 1986 to 1989, but the roots of the war started in 1981.

In 1981, Pope John Paul II during a meeting with top Vatican officials dismissed three officials for shady reasons. The next day, they tried to assassinate the Pope in a coup to take the throne. This failed and the three men were quickly arrested. The Pope couldn't tell the masses that disgruntled Swiss Guards tried to assassinate him, so he told them that the Maltese Prime Minister Dom Mintoff ordered the attack on his life. Mintoff immediately dismissed these allegations. Nationalism quickly spread though both countries until 1986 when Prime Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici declared war on the Vatican. On March 15th, 1986, the M.S. Piccola, a small two-manned motor boat and the flagship of Malta raided The Vatican's shore line. Almost 1/100 of the population died that day (which is one person, by the way...). As a response, The Vatican launched its only bomber... and planned to bomb Gozo Island. The Gabriel did daily bombings of Gozo from 1986 to 1987 before it was shot down by flak. As casualties reached into the high teens, The Pope pleated to Bonnici to stop the war, but Bonnici said "Too bad".

To the North, Liechtenstein decided to join the Vatican in the war against Malta. Luxembourg also joined the fray for Malta and declared war on Liechtenstein. The fighting between Luxembourg and Liechtenstein ended the same day they declared war due to lack of funds. Luxembourg suffered the most, their death toll was in the high twenties.

San Marino and Andorra sided and tried to act as negotiators between Malta and the Holy See and their allies. The negotiations were abandoned after 15 minutes, however, when Andorra declared war on the Republic of San Marino following a short dispute on which negotiator should be granted the right to sell postage stamps with pictures of the conflict which they attempted to settle.

The Maltese-Vatican Conflict 1975
Conflict The Maltese-Vatican Conflict
Date 19861989
Place Vatican
Result • Absolutely Nothing.
Major Combatants
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