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Biography and Early Life[edit]

Lou was a little and furry spider, leading an ordinary and quiet arachnid life. All that changed, when one day, he was bitten by a radioactive truck driver. Lou survived, and when he awoke the next morning, he had gained the powers of a truck driver.

His life changed forever: he embraced a criminal career.

Nowadays, Man-Spider lives in Wichita, Kansas, he is married to a patient wife, Thelma, has two children, Moe and Poe, and a lover called Joe who lives badly in Chicago.

From time to time, Man-Spider fights against Spider-Man and other superheroes, like Mortgage Man and Captain Breathalyzer. Man-Spider hates being a supervillain, but driving trucks isn't the better way to become a rich man.


  • He possesses the abilities of a truck driver: he is able to drive trucks, spit over a cab and hum all radio hits. He also has Nascar Senses!
  • He can spin a web of pure trucks thanks to being still part spider.
  • Man-Spider has the power to drive trucks while smoking, drinking alcohol and talking on the phone all at once.
  • He is able to sense instinctively by his Truck-Sense while on the road, whether any rude truck driver is seeking to overtake him.