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Stay away from her, she will swap bodies with some random guy. But nobody gives a damn fuck.

Manaphy (or sometimes known as ManaPISS in United Kingdom) is a Pokemon where her body is made of complete piss whose little round thingys on the the string popping out of the head which have the ability to switch people's bodies and humiliate the person and the other person whatsoever publicly because their minds, brains, and idiocracy are swapped (which is known as "Mind Swap," or "shitted up body switch because you are a whore"). And by the way, once the "Mind Swap" occurs, it's permanent and there is no fucking way to reverse the effects, so you're on your own and remember, nobody gives a shit. Apparently, the Manaphy is one of the holiest symbols of Christianity and it is The Jee Man's pet.


Manaphy body is mostly made of 75% piss, 10% blue dye, 10% holy water, and 5% Coca-Cola. There is a red crystal on her chest, which probably was given by Jesus himself as a symbol of immortality. Her golden eyelasses is there for no apparent reason, but it is possible that Manaphy doesn't like being touched in the eyes. For some stupid reason, Manaphy has no legs and her arms are too fucking big that it can crush you to death if you attempt to hug her with love. The Manaphy is considered a holy symbol by Christians possibly because it is Jesus's pet. One of her known abilities given by God himself is the ability to switch bodies, often on sinners to punish their damn ass of their evil deeds. Apparently, since nobody gives damn about this fuck anyways.

The Origins of Manaphy and activities[edit]

It was on Jesus's 10th birthday that he got his Manaphy from his dad as a birthday gift so God can shut his fucking mouth up on wanting a pet. Jesus himself, however, enjoys Manaphy as his companion and laughs in comedy when Manaphy swap bodies of different homosexuals and Muslims. Ever since Jesus got Manaphy, Satan himself fears the Jee Man because of Manaphy's ability to swap people's bodies. In fact, Jesus actually use Manaphy as his advantage to force Satan to do shitty embarrassing things like, oh let's say, taking off all your clothes in Los Angeles. Manaphy was always close to Jesus until...CRUCIFICATION!!! Apparently, Manaphy went rogue and vow revenge on God's enemies with her "Mind Swap" ability. She is now currently living in the Pacific Ocean.

Manaphy is often seen in Christian graveyards, churches, community centers, and holy shrines all over the world. As a respect, people would often piss at her as respect to God. Apparently, no many people do that anymore because nobody gives a fuck on Manaphy and the Christian right are focusing and killing every gay and Muslim in the world.

Relations with May[edit]

At some point in history, Manaphy met up with May when she was straight jacketed and held hostage by the Soviet communists. Eventually, Manaphy kicked all of these reds' asses and May and Manaphy became close friends. Over the past 10 months, May taught Manaphy how to speak certain words including "love," "happy," "compassion," "peace," "pacifism," "sympathy," and all random positive and happy words nobody cares. Jesus, who has in heaven, burst into tear of happiness, as his stupid wits wasn't able to treat Manaphy much love as May did. Because of that, the Jee Man himself blessed May with his holy touch of his finger. Because of that, May is now a saint who has a highly bright halo that would instantly blind you when you look at it. Apparently, nobody cares. Eventually, Manaphy has to go to Israel to protect the holy land from Osama bin Laden and the crazy Iranian guy who wants to nuke everyone but he died..good.

List of all known people who had their bodies swapped by Manaphy[edit]

There have been many known people who had their minds swapped by Manaphy. Keep in note that you don't have to be sinner to be swapped. Manaphy does it in her own free will. Apparently, nobody cares if Manaphy swaps bodies between you and some random guy.

For those who don't even have a damn sense of humor[edit]