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Manga is sort of like a comic book in a mirror... in Japanese.


This can be either manga or mangay.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, the word "manga" was created by the mighty overlord named Skye.

These almost sort of popular Japanese comic books which, instead of being read in the correct left to right fashion, are read right to left, and backwards (because Japanese people do that). Manga is more commonly and more politically correctly called Japanime (jap-an-im-Ay). Manga is not to be confused with a mango.

Sadly, those who glimpse hentai are unable to look away.

Page Layout[edit]

This guy gets it.

Not to mention that the events in the page aren't logically followed, in that frames are read right to left, then down. Which also goes contrary to how Japanese text is, where it is traditionally written top to bottom, advancing left when one runs out of paper or sentence. Meaning that the Manga titles are breaking from Japanese tradition and westernizing a bit. This also makes the manga reader feel special by involving them in something "traditionally" Japanese. It can also be used as an ingredient to suffocate vanilla wafers.


This is the charactor Suzukisushi from the manga "A man's gotta do what a dad's gotta do.

Anime and Manga are also similar in that there are fourteen basic character types:

  • The overly butch and dominating female
  • The overly bubbly and ditsy girl who's also totally useless and is there for boobs. (This tends to be the character that lifeless manga nerds jack off to.)
  • The strong and silent male warrior who all the girls like
  • The strong and silent female warrior, who participates in just as many daring exploits as the male warrior... off-screen. In other words, just there for boobs
  • The stupid warrior in training (often times the main character)
  • The happy go lucky kid who seems totally weak but really has some kind of crazy superpower and effortlessly kicks ass. (often times looses this power to pave the way for the main charcter to be the hero)
  • Shitty philosophy from useless female character
  • Someone's mom (see overly butch and dominating female)
  • The Sensei
  • The evil guy who all the girls like, is really powerful, and is a total gaywad
  • Some guy who yells to gain more power.
  • Annoying and stating-the-obvious explain/*gasp* character.
  • A teen trying to put these little creatures in the balls.
  • Men of which are more woman-like than women, which can be perceived as blasphemous or erotic.
  • The ghost from a television.
  • The enormous sword
  • The only black guy
  • The big, shiny eyes with pupils that retract and dilate every half-second
  • The fugly monsters
  • Teens with the ability to overpower adults
  • The large breasts that defy gravity by being held aloft by thin strips of fabric
  • The only Asian guy (you know the one who ALWAYS has his eyes closed, damn sleep walker...)
  • The guy who cross dresses and looks like a complete hot chick (Trap anyone?)
  • The really REALLY smart guy who thinks for twenty entire pages in paragraph form

They are also similar in that they every love manga has someone who is/ cosplays as/ is somehow related to a non-japanese person.There is the rare occasion where African-Americans show up, although in drastically small numbers.

The generic fat person never appears in manga, however. because manga excludes most forms of physical ugliness.

She says, "Wow! Let's spread Yaoi to the world! So, let's convert all males into homosexuals!"

Popular Manga[edit]

  • xxxHolic - Yuuko & Watanuki rulez! - and by the way, this is like PG material, not XXX as you might be thinking. Pervert.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura - this totally useless girl called sakura is searching for Clow cards. Unfortunatley so is a dude with huge bushy eyebrows and his crazy psycho maniac cousin. Sadly, she has two almost on the same level of uselessness as her companions to help her; her girlfriend Tomoyo and some freaky teddy called Keros.
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - All the characters are exactly the same as in Cardcaptor Sakura, but with a weird guy called Kurogane (who is strangely more attractive than Fai), a bishie called Fai and a white Mokona added to the mix.And some storyline about feathers or something.

(Anyway, the first three were created by the suckiest mangakas in the world, CLAMP )

  • Bleach - One guy named Ichigo (which means strawberry and is A FUCKING GIRL'S NAME) killing things that do nothing wrong (besides beating the crap out of people). I mean what's wrong with eating human souls? Don't knock it till you try it - which Ichigo does around book 20 or so...
  • Elfen lied - about these ppl with horns that like, kill people by ripping their heads off. How Nice.
  • Alice Academy/Gauken Alice - An academy ONLY FOR PEOPLE CALLED ALICE! Warning: apparently only people called Alice can read this manga.
  • Death Note - This dude gets this notebook and writes people's names in it cause he's a psycho who wants them to die for the craic.
  • Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl - Hey, did you hear about that hotline thingy and you can like, send someone you hate to hell? Sorry, the website only appears on the servers of those who have DSL.
  • Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni-This guy called Keiichi moves to a creepy little town called Hinamizawa, and makes friends with all these moe girls with very brightly coloured hair, so everything seems great at first, but he soon realises that they ALL WANT TO KILL HIM! Why,you ask? Probably because he's one of those Unlucky guys, also because 07th Expansion thought it would be cool to make a francise filled with multicoloured yandere.
  • Umineko no naku koro ni- Battler tries to prove that there is no such thing as witches. Even when he uses magic to talk to a witch. Pathetic. Ahahaha.wav.
  • Gintama - 3 poor bastards who try to pay their rent but fail....
  • Guru Guru Pon-Chan - OMG A DOG TURNS INTO A GIRL! BTW, for some reason this manga is not xxx rated.
  • Naruto - bla, blah, blah, blah, lalalalala, NINJAS, ho-hum, do do do, niiiiiiiiiiijnaaaaaas!Omg Sasuke is a bitch! Ninjas!
  • Othello - Ramblings about how sad it is that someone has a split personality.
  • Chibi Vampire/Karin - Karin has a goth sister, a mother who hits people in the head with slippers, a perverted brother, an 'unhappy' classmate, and a colleague who is in love with her own uncle and wears extra extra extra padded bras. Somehow, none of this bothers her, but she is always having nosebleeds.
  • Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon fights evil with her motley crew of pyros, lesbians, psychopaths, crossdressers, and midgets.
  • School Days (series) Kotonoha is your waifu! Yay!
  • Bloody Kiss - A girl inherits a mansion from her dead grandmother. But the mansion is occupied by vampires who want to marry her or something.
  • Daughters of Mnemosyne- based on the bizarro anime, comes a manga by Miss Black! <-What a name!
  • Dragon ball Z -Some aliens who look exactly like/ barely different from humans who fight over wish granting marbles and they shoot lazors from just about every body part.
  • Fruits Basket - A girl named after a brand of car is the protogonist. Whatever will these Japanese people think of next???
  • Little Queen - There's a Queen, and she is little. What more is there to say? Other than it's a MANHWA. Know the difference.
  • Rozen Maiden - Some freak created 3-foot-high dolls, who fight to see which one is the most perfect. The one who's the most perfect gets humped by the paedo.
  • Vampire Knight- A completely great story about random vampires Kaname u suck Zero rules!. Made popular recently by Edward Cullen.
  • One Piece - a borderline retarded rubber guy with a death wish somehow convinces others to join his insane quest. Probably the only popular manga right now without goofy aura powers- *cough*haki*cough*.
  • Full Metal Alchemist - upstart prodigy breaks the most basic rules of the trade and gets a sweet gig for doing so. This is of course after putting his brother's soul into a suit of armor.
  • Dominion Tank Police - two lesbians steal a tank and get hired by the local cops. -_-0 The villains are also lesbians and strip to get away from the cops a lot :)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - What started out as a manga about a kid with a crazy alter-ego turned into a series about children's card games. Who'd-a thunk it?
  • Tsukihime- Based on TYPE-MOON's visual novel, prequel to Melty Blood, featuring a guy with magic eyes!
  • Hetalia - The countries of the world somehow became people and for some reason, fight and/or rape each other. Also, includes :homosexuals, cross-dressers, incest, random singing, and the usual profanity. Entirely inaccurate to the real world countries though.
  • Kuroshitsuji /Black Butler- This chronicles the adventures of one man, Sebastian, as he fights against racism in Victorian London. As he works for a sexually confused kid named Ciel, he encounters others who also have to deal with discrimination in their daily lives, including Grell, a red Indian in disguise, and the Undertaker, a victim of ageism thanks to his long grey hair (despite being the most beautiful man in the world).
  • Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - Useless guy with huge eyes meets a baby Chuck Norris in a suit....
  • D. Gray Man- The story of an angsty kid that fights gray people with a zombie arm.
  • Toriko- The whole thing is basically how two guys go around the world to eat and eat for free. They kill things with no mercy and eats them after words with satisfaction. Recommended to anyone who's starving right now.

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