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The mangina, (from Latin, literally "the tucked penis”) is the tubular appendage leading from the groin to the gluteal cleft of the body in male humans and some very inventive female butchers. Two or more manginas are known as maginae. Mangina has a long and colorful history, the earliest known example of humans taking part in this time honored act was found on an ancient Chinese pottery. The ancient pot, believed to be from 21st century BC, depicts Yǔ the Great tucking his penis between his legs to recreate a vagina in memory of his dearly departed wife.

Functions of the magina[edit]

College students, like these two performing the mangina, will be teaching your kids at elementary school one day. Scary, isn't it?

The magina has several important functions.

ManGina is reffered to Justin Bieber!:)

Desipio Risus[edit]

Desipio Risus (literally “being a fool for laughs” in Latin) is the term given to someone who does public performances of mangina for the entertainment of others. It is a sacred act most often done by young men going through complex life trials and the sight of a mangina often provides much needed relief for his fellow fraternity brothers.

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