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Mango Pudding in Cuisine[edit]

This isn't Mango Pudding.

As Canadians who enjoy cozy Chinese dim sum lunches may testify (and as noted dim sum enthusiast Oscar Wilde can corroborate), mango pudding is a wonderful dessert to pleasantly conclude a dim sum lunch. It leaves the palate fresh. A spoon, rather than a fork or chopsticks, is used to eat mango pudding in this context.

Pu-erh tea traditionally finishes off the dim sum lunch. Note that Pu-erh Tea is not to be confounded with purée. Canadians do not like enjoy the latter as they do not favour thick teas.

Mango Pudding in Cosmology[edit]

Equally important, mango pudding works in conjunction with cluons and duct tape to bind together otherwise-volatile elementary particles. Cosmologists are only just now (as at August 2005) beginning to comprehend the rudiments of the true nature of mango pudding's cosmological role in the universe. Whereas the relevant research is in its early stages, this article will be updated as further developments are known.

Mango Pudding and Raquel Welch[edit]

"I'm not here. I'm walking through the jungle gathering mangoes. I meet Raquel Welch. I make a nice mango cream pudding. Kinda spread it around us. Hey, I wanna get some mangoes."

Mango Pudding Now![edit]

  • Just don't go out there by yourself. You don't wanna go in there alone, unless you really know the territory.
  • I was raised to be a sauciere . . . a great sauciere. We specialize in sauces. Has to be a mango tree here somewhere . . .
  • Never Get Out of the Boat
    • It's a Tiger! A fucking Tiger! Never get out of the boat! Never get out of the boat! Fucking tiger! Man!"
    • Fucking Tigers, Man
    • A fucking tiger, fucking tiger! I don't wanna take this goddamn shit man! I didn't come here for this, I don't fucking need this. All I wanted to do is fucking cook, I just wanted to learn to fucking cook. Allright, It's allright, it's gonna be all right . . . never get outta boat . . . Hi tiger, hi tiger . . .
  • Never Get Out of the Boat, Redux
    • Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right. Unless you were going all the way. Marco Polo got off the boat. He split from the whole fucking program.

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