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n: A state of consciousness characterised by extreme hyperactivity and overall bounciness. A manic person tends to bounce around the place - visualise invisible Space Hoppers and you may get the overall idea. They alsotendtospeaklikethis,veryfastandveryloudly-andsometimestheysaytheperfectthingallthetime!!

Manic Depression[edit]

View this disorder as being like a swing! The affected person will, at one side of the swing, be cutting and extremely depressed - at the bottom they are pretty much mundane people - and then on the other side they're flying HIIGH! Some killjoys say that one should take one's meds regularly to reduce the height you go on the swing - but tell that to the kids playing on them!

Oh dear. I think I'm becoming manic. Blame the coffee. Whee!

Psychotic connections[edit]

Some people, during mania, feel no longer connected with reality. Going back to that little swingy metaphor, the ground is reality, so how can you be in touch with it when you're flying? Ever wondered why birds are so mental? That's right! They're manic!

However, on a darker note, this can also lead to problems such as psychopathy red. If left untreated, mania can lead to criminality and even happiness.


Manic people are also well-known for gambling, since they are officially invincible. Come on, I'm manic - that means I'm cool, yeah? I'm talking like there's no tomorrow, I'm never at a loss for what to say - of course quitting my job as a banker is the write thing to do! I'll right to them tomorrow! And say sock it to ya, you thieving asshole, I ain't gonna be a part of this anymore!

Manic people may also become convinced their partners are cheating on them.

Genius Burning[edit]

Genius Burning is a well-known film depicting the exhilaration of riding the mania tiger. Its protagonist starts by taking his meds obediently, but then is locked in a room with only a computer for company. As mania sets in, his genius unfolds and he writes a well-known film called Genius Burning.