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A Manifold is a creature that hides in a dimensional space that preys on math majors.

“Manifold? Man...I...folded that.”

~ Eric Forman on Manifold

“Many fold, many fold!”

~ Chinese laundry supervisor

A Manifold is a creature that hides in a dimensional space that preys on math majors. Most mathematicians however have found suitable means of defense and are relatively safe when traveling in n space. Like a patchwork, a manifold similar to a chimera in that it is made of parts from other areas of mathematics. The biggest danger when one encounters a Manifold is that is that individually its parts are simple and easy to understand but in their entirety they are very complex.


A manifold looks like a space that looks like a Euclidean space of some dimension. It may appear as a familiar one, two or three dimensional space. Or it may appear to be an abstract space of some higher dimension. A few brave adventurers in n space have claimed to have seen, in the distance, manifolds made up of bits each of a different dimension. In an attempt to classify these beasts mathematicians have separated them into n categories, based on where they hunt, or n-manifolds.

In higher dimensions manifolds become harder to see, thus higher-dimensional manifolds are more successful hunters. However higher-dimensional manifolds can be very useful as work horses of physics once captured and subdued. An example of a captured manifold is Riemann's manifold. This manifold had the secrets of the curvature of space-time engraved in its very structure.

One of the best known examples of a manifold is the Calabi-yau space. This is an extra-juicy form of manifold, often found growing wild near Stevenage.

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