Marc Dutroux

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Template:NowikipediaThe Dutroux family is probably the most famous Belgian family around. Marc Dutroux I, born in Charleroi, was an extremely popular person with the local people in Charleroi (consisting mostly of international maffia affiliated professionals, French gang members and common southern Belgian criminals). However, Dutroux died tragically in a traffic accident in the city centre of Charleroi, hitting a bank building at 100 mph with his helicopter. Some people believe he was trying to rob a secretary who was working on the 13th floor, but Belgian police has refused to comment on the issue.

Marc Dutroux II, his son, eventually became king of Belgium, although he has been accused of killing more than 15.000 Belgian children and raping bout 9.000 of them. 3.000 children survived the massacre and have recently organised a popular anti-royalist political party, according to CNN.