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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about March.

March is both a noun, verb, a place, person and a month, as well as a "see also".


to march - to trudge in a rhythmic pattern, as soldiers do. More elaborate marching techniques include the goose-step and the waltz.


March, Cambridgeshire is a small town in England. But then, I think you'll find that most words in the English language are.

People from March love to hear the joke ,'what the month' when they tell you where they are from

Train conductors on the Manchester - Stansted line regularly fail to make jokes about arriving in March. In the fens it has long been asserted that men are from Wisbech, women are from March. Much fun is to be had here including hanging out in the streets and bus shelters.

March is also home to the gang culture. Local youths from the ages of 4+ regularly take position in local gangs, to hunt down visiting Wisbech herds visiting "Cassanoes" aka March's biggest brothel. These gangs have a strong tradition of hunting these Wisbekistanies, and picking off the stragglers. However, this become impossible as now only polish people live in wisbeach and now 'da beef' is with the chatters of chatteris.

March was home to one of the countries biggest train marshalling yards in the war and its fairly safe to say without March we would (may have) lost the war.

The superclub club Minstrelz (RIP) based in march which boasted no running water in the toilets and some impressive decoration on the walls became a regular friday and saturday night hangout until it closed due to shitness.


March occurs roughly between February and April. In the original disputes over which month was to gain a day every four years, March lost out due to its use of a false character reference in the application process. And March's drug test came out + for black tar heroin.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, most likely this is due to fatigue.

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