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Marcie Katamari Mata Hari Damacy, from the Peanuts/Penis cartoon, is best known as Peppermint Patty's submissive lesbian sex-slave. However, it less well known that this seemingly shy, soft-spoken, scholarly little girl, is in fact dominant in most of her relationships with the rest of the world, particularly with men and boys. In fact, the only men/male dogs she has ever submitted to are Snoopy and his brother Snoop Dogg, who are so dominant that they have even commanded obedience from the ultra-dominant Peppermint Patty herself.


Though, Peppermint Patty is her only lover, and perhaps her only true sexual partner, Marcie does enjoy sexually teasing boys, especially Charlie Brown. She also can use her combination of feminine wiles and soft-spoken firmness to take control of most females, even strong willed, bitchy ones like Lucy.

Marcie is also known to be a switch. She often turns the table on her mistress, tormenting her with malevolent obedience. Marcie generally pushes this to the limit until Peppermint Patty, in exhausted desperation, is forced to scream her safewords:"STOP CALLING ME SIR!!!" Marcie usually responds to this by saying, "Well smack my ass and call me 'Charlie!'", which Peppermint Patty does. It is for this reason that to avoid confusion, neither girl ever refers to Charles "Chuck" Brown as "Charlie."

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Business Venture[edit]

Marcie has a stand, similar to other children's lemonade stands, or Lucy's Psychiatry stand, where she sells her used undergarments and footwear, as well as sex toys that she has stolen from her parents or coaxed from other adults. She also sells candy. She calls this stand Marcy Playground (note the use of the alternate spelling of her name to foil authorities).

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