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Marcus is a planet found in the Milky Way galaxy, located near the caramel system. It was founded in 1862, Exactly on the anniversary that Marcus Aurelius became the god, ruler, and founder of Rigel 7. It was the last planet to be founded/taken over by Marcus Aurelius in the great building of his Republic. Marcus is named after Marcus Aurelius (no really).Drink Coca-Cola

The planet is Marcus' favourite planet and happens to be the Republic's capital with large cities inhabited by humanoid beings, vast salt water oceans, great mountains, wide open plains, rain forests, and a breathable atmosphere (Duh). It played a significant role in the First Marcus-Opera war, which was the insignificant war between the Galactic Republic of Marcus and Opera. This war ended with opra invading Marcus' pernonal space and he did not like that so he made her surrender with the space station xaser (which is like a laser, but hurts more) called Marcus' space station xaser (he wasn't very creative okay) which created enough energy to fling Opera across the Milky Way, all the way to the chocolate. Oh and did we mention that the planet was called Earth before Marcus finally captured/founded it?