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Margaret Cho on acid

Margaret Cho (born Moran Cho on December 5, 1968 in Hell) is a gook, comedian and actress.

Cho has won the World's Funniest Comedian award every year since 1985 without contention. Widely regarded to be one of the most hilarious and outstanding comedians in history, Cho is the bastard child of Ellen DeGeneres and Jim Carrey. She was raised on a farm in Korea, fed on a staple diet of Big Macs and Onion Rings until she had fully mastered the art of stand-up comedy. In 1984 she left her small village and went to America to seek her fortune.

Since then, Cho has had several successful one-woman shows. The first, called I'm A Fat Bitch, dealt with her difficulties breaking into show business due to her ethnicity, weight and the fact she wasn't even remotely funny. The 2000 film version became the highest-grossing film in history, with fans camping outside cinemas for months just to see it.

Much of her so-called comedy is quite sexually explicit; some of her favorite subjects include her fondness for black men with enormous cocks and her enjoyment of orgies with fellow fatties such as Vanessa Feltz and Oprah, in which they cover each other in mayonaisse, grease, lard and have their disgusting way with each other.


I just don't get it. It's funny to me - why is nobody else laughing?
Oh, screw you. The fags love me!
If I could drop 30 pounds...I could SO have been that chick on "Lost". Oh, and been cuter. And nicer.
Don't let anybody tell you that a quintuple penetration isn't possible.




  • "I Wish I Was Funny" (1997)
  • "Desperate For Cash" (2003)
  • "On Welfare" (2004)
  • "Please Please Buy A Ticket" (2005)