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Nothing <- Marigoldium -> Parmeseanum
Name Marigoldium
Symbol Ma
Number 44.8
Kinkiness moderate to high
Physical Properties
Melting point Unknown °C, or maybe Unknown °F
Boiling point 0 °C, or maybe 0 °F
Flavour Mouthwatering

Marigoldium is the most decoractive of the Allergens and so of all the elements, and such is highly unstable. Pure Marigoldium has not been isolated, as it has a tendency to rapidly redecorate the laboratory it is in, leaving the lab looking like the bastard off-shoot of Laurence Lleweyln-Bowen's worst creation and an explosion in a paint factory. It then escapes through the plush furniture, leaving not a trace.

Hazards of Marigoldium[edit]

Marigoldium is extremely dangerous, and it should not attempteted to be created or isolated without safety precautions and a large redecorating budget. Firstly, it is very important to wear no jewellery. Marigoldium, being extremely decoractive causes all jewellery to decay into huge oversized gold earrings. These will cause serious ear damage to an unsupported or untrained ear, and there are documented cases of ears being ripped off by Marigoldium induced earrings. Aside from this, the most important safety feature is to ensure there is nothing fashionable in its vicinity. Margoldium reacts violently with fasionable items, giving off a bright mauve flame, to form Marigoldium DiFashionate (MDF). MDF is toxic, and its presence destroys any taste left remaining in its vicinty.

Use of Marigoldium[edit]

Being so decoractive and rare, there are almost none. MDF is an occasional side product of poorly designed interior decorating, and other safer Marigoldium can be used to attempt to remove it, but this is extremely expensive.