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Bob "Marky Mark Mark Mark Marky Mark, My Name is Mark" Wahlberg was born in Scunthorpe in 1857. He reached the tender age of 24, when his latent psychic powers blossomed, and allowed him to travel through time. He eventually settled in the late 20th century, forging a career as an actor. He starred in many classic films over the years, such as "That Film What Michael Caine Did That Was Ace, But The Modern Remake Sucked" and "That Film That's On Saturday Evenings Sometimes, You Know, The One With Chow Yun Fat In, He's Good Isn't He?".


Bob "Marky Mark Mark Mark Marky Mark, My Name is Mark"'s interests include Whitewater Rafting, making soups (not chicken and sweetcorn though), and cleansing the streets of Victorian London.