Marquess of Queensbury

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The Marquess of Queensbury was an all-around jackass from the 30th century AD who came back in time to teach us all how to kick some serious ass.

Queensbury was a famous proponent of his own set of rules which advocated no-holds barred fighting, preferably with weapons which do not exist (the Marquess himself being especially fond of the lance with a brick on the end). He is falsely credited with the invention of the "cupped hands" approach to Kitten Huffing as the real pioneer of this technique was Santa Clause. But he killed Santa Clause later (thus why parents tell their kids the popular myth that he "doesn't exist") and was then given the technique's oath of fealty. He was also known to have a bad relationship with Oscar Wilde, calling him a "Somdomite". However this was problem was rectified with a intergalactic kickboxing match in 2254. It is reported that he currently hangs out with Jesus, God, and Charlemagne. Marquess, we salute you.