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“I do!”

Marry Your Favorite Character Online is perhaps one of the biggest piles of fail on the internets, not just because of its stupid concept to allow 16 year old girls and 13 year old boys to get freaky with fictional characters, but because there is little to no moderation AT ALL. Actually, that makes it a great place to troll. Which means the fangirls using the site are allowed to submit over 10000000 different profiles of Johnny Depp without being told that THERE ALREADY IS ONE, RETARDS. Essentially, this website is one of the biggest examples (outside the furry fandom that is) that Rule 34 is at work on the interwebs.

How it "works"[edit]

1. Fanboy/fangirl is obsessed with an actor or singer, but more than likely they wank off to Sonic and Baloo from Talespin.

2. He/she wants to marry him/her, but can't due to consistent fursecution from the powers that be.

3. He/she cuts herself/himself, goes to MYFCO, and looks for their character.

4a. If their show and character is there, they can "marry" the character.

4b. If not, they can submit their own fursonas for supreme wankery.

And remember, like a lamer version of Rule 34: If it exists, there is someone married to the characters from it. No exceptions.

This is how it SHOULD go. But of course, the idiotic teenage members of the site submit the same show over and over again, usually adding unnecessary punctuation and emoticons. Yes, Naruto is there, with proper capitalization, but there's also nArUtO, NARUTO!!!!^______^, and |\|4rut0. And then there's the people who submit categories like "OMG THESE GUYZ ARE HAWT", filled with characters that already have a proper show, causing butthurt bureaucrats to whine for at least 100 years. The 16-year-old girls are prime lulz, but the truly alarming thing about the site is that you can marry even the youngest characters on any given show. So they're not only enabling psychos now, but pedos. GG MYFCO!

Users there can't deal with trolls very well, as seen here and here. Most of the time they flock together in a thread and make empty threats, or claim to grow demon armor to "FIHGT TEH EVUL!11!" This usually brings many lulz.

Things You Can Marry, Thereby Making You a Sick Fuck[edit]

You Can Also Marry Mudkip[edit]