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Animal with the unfortunate habit of being eaten by domestic Australian cats, dogs and humans, without any reasonable lawyer or environmental advisory committee to defend it from extinction

Considered by many to be of no redeeming value, the marsupial has been known to become involved in Tasmanian politics, and Australian politics in general.

You Platypus! is a common expression in little johnnies corner store and You Dingo! is often heard in the places of real power in Australia, the latrines of Wooloomoloo and Oodnadatta. You can even get degrees in You Porcupine! calling in some states of Australia with universities that have been empowered by the Brengunned Elpson person who itself had been given an PhD by some unfortunate institution.

Up Yours You Porcupine! is usually found in ancient heiroglyphs in the latrines of Canbarra, an outpost in the over-rated outside part of the outback of Ozstrylia

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