Martian the Conqueror

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Martian the Conqueror was a King of Mars who ruled from 1829 to 1899, one of the longest stays of power of any Martian Monarch. He was known for being simultaneously wise, silly, mean, nymphomaniacal, arbitrary, musical, and green. His reign was notable for the many social and technological changes sweepiong Mars, and his subsequent encouragement thereof:

  • The introduction of the Maritan Telegraph network
  • The creation of the Martian Draft Beer Standard (MDBS), which established Martian beer as the Solar System's best ale.
  • Being the first king to recognize the Martian Prime Minister as a total douchebag.

During his long reign he was styled "His Royal Highness, Sir Lord Martian Connelby the Tenth, King Of Mars, Conqueror of the Asteroids, Lord of the Dance, Glove of the Masters, President of Charon and the Idle of March", but his subjects referred to him simply as "The Conqueror", owing to his prodigious love affairs.

He died of massive cranial faliure in 1899, after 60 years on the throne, and was succeeded as the King of Mars by his distant relative Zee Tingy.

Preceded by:
Milmox the Insane
King of the Martians
1829 - 1899
Succeeded by:
Martian Commander