Mass amnesia

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Mass amnesia should pertain to the no new taxes speech by Bush's daddy or the Iran-Contra Affair. Or the fact the Bill Clinton, like him or not, almost had USA out (well to be honest it depends on what you're definition of "out" is) of debt and now Bush has us in deep debt and social security will be broke soon.

How do you make a Republican have fun or relieve the middle class tax burden? Blackmail seems to work, but threats of violence do, too. Be creative!

Mass Amnesia can also refer to the phenomenon whereby a body or object can temporarily forget that it has mass, allowing it to undergo infinite acceleration by virtue of Newton's Second Law (no, not the one about wearing tartan on a Sunday). This is of particular interest to scientists interested in travelling at the speed of light, and of even more interest to women trying to fit into those jeans they bought before Thanksgiving.

The principle was proven by Max Planck in 1933 as follows:

  • let
  • for finite F

QED, TTFN, FOAD. Mass Amnesia leads to gigantic acceleration and temporary ability to drop from a 14 to a 10.