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The Matterhorn, or Preyapí.

The Matterhorn is one of the most prominent geological features within the Disneyland Confederation. Located within the Faneída nation, Fantasyland, near the Tomorrowland border, this mountain towers over the neighboring landscape. The mountain was given the moniker “Matterhorn” by European explorers in the 1700s who thought that the mountain resembled an erect nipple. The native American Faneída word for the Matterhorn is Preyapí. Faneída myth holds that the earth god Preyapí wished to “make congress” with the sky goddess Cracahóra. Preyapí’s swollen member pushed out from the earth, forming the mountain. But Preyapí had become overly enthused. From the top of the mountain prematurely spurted the stars and the Milky Way onto Cracahóra’s ebon skin; the dried remnants of the interrupted union formed the glistening night sky. Most visitors to Disneyland are not told of this legend.

Most visitors and tourists ignore the mountain’s history and instead enjoy the recreational aspects of the Matterhorn, such as bobsledding. But even in such harmless fun, new legends are born. Some bobsledders report sighting a yeti on the Matterhorn. Numerous visitors to Disneyland over the years have recounted tales of a strange hairy biped living on the mountain. In the evening, odd and peculiar sounds purportedly emanate from the crag. Naturally, all of these reports are unverified.

On November 9, 1994, terrorists piloted the Skyway into the Matterhorn.

On November 9, 1994, suicide attackers belonging to the Pirate Liberation Organization piloted the famed Skyway into the Matterhorn. The 11-9 incident caused over 400 deaths and shocked the Disneyland populace. The force of the explosion created a gaping hole in the Matterhorn. Some families of the 11-9 victims pushed for preserving the hole in the mountain as a lasting memorial those who died on the Skyway. After much controversy, it was decided to repair the damage caused by 11-9, while maintaining the hole. After a surprisingly short period of planning, engineering, and construction, the Matterhorn was repaired. Now the Disneyland Monorail can travel through it. As a concession to the families of the 11-9 victims, a memorial was built on the mountain.

To this day, the Disneyland Monorail travels in and out of the Matterhorn's big gaping hole repeatedly day in and day out as can be seen in the following picture.


Through the years, the Matterhorn has taken many roles in Disneyland history. Today, the Matterhorn is a symbol of myth, of sex, and of death.