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Maxsechts Treaty Award Winner (Ladies Freestyling) 2006.
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“I always suggest going the whole nine yards...”

Maxsechts, named after a small village in Greece, is a term used to define the limits of sexuality, frequently by units of measurement. For literally thousands years, humans have engaged in sex. Some theorize that the activity may stretch all the way back to the dawn of time, some 4000 years ago. The first evidence of sexual practices was discovered in the ruins of ancient Greece. Depictions on clay pots suggest that early sex was radically different from modern incarnations.

Historical Evidence[edit]

Deciphering what is being referred to as the Maxsechts pottery (so named for the ancient city of Maxsechts in which they were first discovered), is a multi-million dollar endeavourer funded both by The Unified World Church Organization and the United Nations. The research is conducted by world renowned archaeologists, linguists, philosophers and theologians. Much of the archeological findings have been kept a secret due to their controversial nature. However, in a plight to combat, "The moral deterioration of society," The Unified World Church Organization has released many inscriptions found on the Maxsechts pottery in hopes that open debate over our ancestors' hedonism will inspire, "The youth of today to choose a more righteous path."

Anal-Straggly Beard insertion[edit]

Below is one of the earliest examples of Maxsechts pottery, describing anal-beard intercourse.


Anal-Jayhawk insertion[edit]

Note the prehistoric depiction of the Jayhawk. The bird's current form is said not to be as a result of evolution, but rather mutation induced by the pestilence of its diet; locusts sent by God to destroy man. This Maxsechts pottery remant is one of the few surviving depictions of the bird in its original form.

Anal jayhawk.jpg

Anal-Shakeweight insertion[edit]

Anal-Shakeweight insertion is highly controversial. As of present day, there has never been a recorded case of someone surviving any anal insertion beyond the max anal insertion point. Heretics practicing Kamma Sutra claim it is possible to surpass the max insertion point with deep meditation. Exact details regarding surpassing the point remain shrouded in mystery.

Anal shake.jpg

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