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Just push harder son. You will get the bastard out.

McBrick is a medical condition often felt after eating a large quantity of food from McDonald's restaurants. It is closely tied to the condition of constipation but usually includes much more pain and is very often accompanied by record breaking levels of flatulence.

A similar ailment which is connected to consuming Burger King food is referred to as a whopper plopper.


Many remedies have been suggested by members of the medical field, such as ingesting small amounts of shoe polish, it is thought that the chemicals found in shoe polish can break through the high trans fats found in McDonald's food. Another remedy is avoiding McDonald's food.


  • In 1997 a Toronto resident suffered from such a serious case of McBrick that he required emergency surgery. A whole chicken foot was found in the patients stomach. While it can not be confirmed whether the foot was ingested while eating a McDonald's combo, it is widely assumed.