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Marty McFly in 1985
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Marty McFly (June 9, 1968Now), was the buff lead singer for the 80's pop-rock group The Pin Heads and had a meth farm in Hill Valley, California, but McFly is most famous for his time traveling; he travels through time by intoxicating himself. McFly quit the meth industry and committed his life to science as he desired (after his short love affair with Sigmund Freud) meeting his mother in her youth. Specializing in a mix between biology and political science, McFly invented a Time Machine with his assisstant Dr Emmett Brown. Using this machine, McFly made a journey to the year 2015, where he met his future kids. Whilst chillaxing in the year 2015 McFly was had up for rape charges, incest charges and charges of serious paedophilia after he and Emmett did the nasty with his daughter because

“She was pretty fine”

~ McFly on Rape, Incest and paedophilia accusations

He immediately traveled back to the year 1955 to escape Middle East tensions of the time. While in the year 1955, he met and fell in love with Helen G. Wells, despite the fact she was his mother. To bypass a Californian law forbidding marriage between mother and son, McFly changed his name to Calvin Klein. A year after marriage, the couple gave birth to their first son, Crispin Glover, who later played McFly in the Autobiographical movie of his life, Police Academy. On February 15, 1967, shortly after the conception of the couple's second child, Marty McFly, Jr., McFly was struck by Force Lightning while fixing the town clock during the early morning hours. He died 3 days later. However, since he had died in the past trying to fix the future he never really died in the first place, meaning he did go back into the future and die. For more information, please refer to SEHS. Marty McFly is also the inventor of the board game Huey Lewis and The News Awesome British Band McFly is named after this person. They are amazing. Marty is often embarrassed posthumously by this, as the band completely and utterly outperform him. I cannot emphasise how amazing they are. You can see more information about this awesome band at McFly (band)

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