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Meet the perviest, most retarded man-er-thingy on the planet: McZee. McZee is the kinda man you want to kill at a moment, maybe right now, perhaps. Now, look out for this man. If spotted, call your local police station or the local purple bastard toasting squad me. Also, his boners look like his nose.

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McZee just got back from his vacation, calling his whore-lady to do him. I am serious that THAT is how he really looks like, I am serious!

The beginning[edit]

McZee was at first a hobo in outer space. He was a hobo because he pretty much didn't fit in with his large, pointy, skinny nose in the way. Sadly, he was also blue-skinned. He then found Earth, where he thought people were just like him. According to his stories, he kidnapped a couple of kids that didn't know not to talk to people they don't know. But he was a fuckin' retard, you hear me? He was also insane, claiming to know famous artists and writers, when all he did was stick his face onto their pictures. But, luck came to him. And Microsoft was the answer to everything.

Life in Microsoft[edit]

But he was wrong. So wrong that he IS the most retarded man-er-thingy on earth. McZee was then the ugliest of characters to advertise Microsoft. He had a stupid voice and a retarded shape of body and head. So the moral of this story is that Microsoft sucked my cock. Really hard. But things have changed!

McZee is suicidally retarded. He was gonna go diving off the jump board at a pool while holding a book and being bald.

What the hell is goin' on now?[edit]

One answer, my smart friend. Sex. McZee now owns Microsoft and turned it from a computer company to a porno studio. And now, McZee just got rich. But he did one good thing for us. Kill Bill Gates! So McZee may not be a retard after all. The End. (An Uncyclopedia film. All rights NOT reserved.)

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