Meatwad's Own Variety Show!

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"I played a gay cop in this show.I didn't even have to act for that role."

~ Oscar Wilde on this television show

Meatwad's Own Variety Show! was a short lived varity show slash skit comedy show starring Meatwad from Aqua Teen Huger Force.The show was mostly famouse for a controversial episode where Meatwad said shit on air and for having a cameo by Oscar Wilde in an episode.


Some guy at Adult Swim (see moron) had an idea for a show involving Meatwad so they made this.


Some people loved it. Others hated it. Or they thought it was okay.

Theme Song[edit]

The shows theme song was a Fatboy Slim remix of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song with new lyrics by Meatwad.


Meatwad's show had 16 episodes. Episode 13 had a cameo from Oscar Wilde and episode 16 had one from Kanye West.


Meatwad said shit in one episode. People got realy mad and stuff.

This Guy[edit]

This Guy has critisised this show for sucking and being stupid.Meatwad was reported saying to This Guy, "Nuh uh." too which This Guy said "Uh Hu."This Guy soon apologised for being a douchbag.

Frylocks Reality Show?[edit]

There have been rumors of a Frylock show after the end of the Meatwad show but all these rumors are false.

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