Mecha Buddah

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Mecha-Buddah is a weapon designed by the Tibetan monks of the Himalayas to counter the Mecha-Pope, Oprah and other annoying machines/stupid people.


Mecha-Buddah was made in hell by tibetan monks who were too high on kittens. Mecha-Buddah is equiped with an A.I. that uses kittens to power its core. Mecha-Buddah is equipped with KBMs (Kitten Ballistic Missle) from kitten waste; lasers, Jesus Fish, and other Anti-Pope measures. Being powered by kittens, the Mecha-Buddah is able to power a teleporter to warp in more kittens.


The Mecha-Buddah has ony been used once so far. In 1974, Oprah and Jesus-clones attacked Buddapest, Hungry. Tibetan monks, outraged, sent the Mecha-Buddah to take out Oprah. Additional forces took off from the Ultra Meditation Space Station Thing (UMSST). UMSST forces engaged Oprah forces at Budapest with KBM support. And yet, UMSST troops were overwhelmed by the constant rantings of the Jesus clones and their crappy gifts from Oprah. Being armed with scary statues and buddah robes, the UMSST troops were kind of useless against chanting Jesus clones.