Mediterranean Sea

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This is also very apt to describe the Mediterranean, a cesspit of ugliness and constant change.

"A Body of water" - Oscar Wilde

"OMFGZZZ LYK TEH SHIFT!1!ONE LOL A REAL OSCAR WILDE QUOTE!!1" ~ 12 year old girl, on the above.

"Have being on the internet since age of 5, but doubting a 12 year old would reconize an Oscar Wilde quote, I wonder if the above is truly typed from a 12 year old girl." ~ 13 year old girl, who just had her birthday... Yay! Which reminds her that she still has icecream cake left...


MEDDY (MED DEE) from "The chavs guide to holidaying."

VILLA from "The middle class guide to appearing posh."

PISSUP from "The geordies guide to aving a big night oot like."

SHAGFEST referring to the "18-30 clubbers" holiday brochure.


The Mediterranean can best be described as the dumping ground for all the waste produced by Europe, in that not only does Europe export all its unwanted merchandise, but also most people spend two weeks of every year going there to burn till they look like overdone foie gras.

The species known as celery tried to invade the Mediterranean, but shrivelled up like John Leslie's scrotum after a particularly hard night out on Carol Smillie.

Murphy's third law states that: "If any bad is going to happen, it'll happen in the Mediterranean"

According to scientists, the only other place worse than the colonic irrigation that is the Mediterranean is infact, Australia, since the Mediterranean does not have the vermin problem that Australia suffers from... Australians.


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